Fueling your business with Facebook Leads

The path through Facebook marketing, because of the deep wealth of data which exists in the data that Facebook collects is wonderful to me as a marketer.  Wonderful because of the amount of data which exists, but also having a background in marketing and sales along with business analytics I know I can reach the people who need to be reached.  I have a little bit of an edge on most people just because I can collect a diverse set of data then look at the results from a marketing test to see what’s really going on.  When you use metrics to build a marketing campaign, testing that campaign and looking at the results before fine tuning the content a business can avoid annoying people who don’t need that message.  Then testing again but releasing the product when it’s ready so you know that message will be successful.  The feeling of success is an amazing feeling as the marketing piece gains traction to provide quality business leads.  Each business needs new customers constantly, so supplying leads of people who need the specific service of my client is not only rewarding it’s fulfilling.  When you think about how your business is doing usually you can let the profit and loss statement show your success, but what that won’t show is the minor things which can proactively show a problem which wouldn’t appear on the P/L.  When you can proactively manage your business through data you’re proactively engaging customers to drive your business to new heights.

Strategy for Marketing Online

When I plan a marketing event, ad campaign, or promotional campaign there is so much that goes into the steps to make that event or campaign successful.  At any time, the variables that can be adjusted are many, but if you systemically monitor your results you can adjust slowly to find your way.  The combination of getting the attention of someone who really wants to see or needs to see your message is probably more specific than m and I use a very focused demographic the possibility exists that the marketing campaign might take a couple of months to pay off, but in the testing, we find what needs to be tweaked to provide the most effective data.  If there was just once place to make an adjustment life would be far more simple, but the truth is that you have to have a very specific focus on your customer.  The goods news is that once you have your demographic down all you have to do is find the language that draws the customer into your message, which puts your journal at the Headline of your offer.  Which after you get that tuned right then you just need to worry about the rest of the message.  Once you have your message or body copy down you’re on to the actual offer and then you make the call to action I mean what could be easier than all of that?  Having all the even when you have the steps outlined for you can be difficult but if you want I’ve put together a cheat sheet for you. I’ll email the sheet to you when you sign up below.

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The learning curve of digital marketing

To be able to reach people online, unless you’re selling on Amazon, truly really takes expertise and it’s not a try once and forget type of activity.  For a business to really succeed there are so many steps to get to the brass ring.  I’m very thankful that I have the background that I do with being able to structure ad campaigns, build websites, organize demographic data, conduct split tests and have desire to help business take advantage of the Internet landscape is amazing. With the algorithms always changing within Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and the pace of social media, rules, and exploding information to say it’s difficult  to make better decisions is an understatement.  If you don’t engage someone to keep or create a dashboard to make sense of your business data you’re leaving money, time or your customers out in the wind.  Make sure your company has a 360 degree view of each area in your business. Your competitor might be able to do your business better and only because in this new world we have data all around us, so to use it wisely makes business sense.  It’s possible to excel by knowing what you don’t know which is in the details and a thousand different data points. It’s possible that you have all this data too, but putting all together is sometimes hard as 90% of reporting is based upon having someone getting the structure together.  Let me know if I can help you put all the data together to provide you that picture which propels your business to make better decisions.


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My Passion

I really don’t like to talk about myself and part of that, from my recent in the past, is because I’d put myself out there only to be judged, criticized or whatever.  This post is going to be out of my comfort zone because I need to get back into that sense of “bring it”. I have several passions, dreams, ambitions and wants, but very few real needs.  With yesterday learning an incredible amount about Facebook Demographics and a ton of information about copy writing today I begin in earnest my ambition for owning my own social media agency.  I built AmbitionCubed.com into what I intended as that agency along with my personal blog, which has been therapeutic.  A lot of what I put out here, I do because I want to let people know that they’re not alone and to maybe inspire folks, but as I read that it sounds self-engrossed too.  We spend so much time in worrying about ourselves and what others think, but this is my way to give back because as I’ve said before that I love helping people.  The best way for me to do that is to help businesses grow, so I’ve pictured my perfect client and while this part of AmbitionCubed.com will remain as my therapy.  I’ll begin to focus again on helping businesses generate leads, tying that into selling and statistical analysis to gauge the effectiveness of a marketing campaigns.  The way forward for my passion is to be able to generate at least a 150% return on investment or more when someone hires AmbitionCubed.  We’re going to focus on the wholistic digital experience of website design, hosting, SEO, marketing campaigns, lead generation and outsourced sales for companies who have that need.  With time I’ll be able to focus on the other parts and businesses I own, but for now the passion is all things marketing and selling.  A little bit of a Valentine’s Day present for me… Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you.  Tomorrow I should have enough data returned for how my lead generation is going as producing the correct demographic information is time consuming, but once you get that dialed in the copy writing becomes paramount, then the offer and then the execution.  Probably a blog post just on those things soon. Have an incredible day and I hope today that you’re working in your passion.

Sales Leads Tuesday

Today I begin to test some new copy I’ve worked on for the past day and I should have tested yesterday, but I let a little fear into my mind which leads to doubt.  It happens I suppose to everyone, but I’m not everyone which makes it a little hard to have that statement ring true.  I just “do me”… Anyhow today not only am I testing at least one “leads” ad, but I’ll begin to test another as the prime time to launch isn’t until 11am or so.  Leaving the lead time to the ad approved.  Approval is something that can throw my whole schedule off as Facebook has some really strange guidelines at times.  I’m after a 30% conversation rate, which would make me feel like the graphic I’ve chosen for this blog post and when I run the numbers of what the value would be to me I get even more excited.  We’ll have to see, so have a great day and I’ll update this tomorrow.

To Run and Jump and Fly

Monday, when you own your own business, is so much better than working for someone else. I love Monday, because over the weekend I’ve been gearing up for the beauty that today holds. When you think about the weekend unless you’re in retail, entertainment or promotions you’re thinking about relaxing and to a certain extent my weekends are spent recharging, but at the same time I’m sharpening my skills, reading about a new technology or learning a new technology. Monday becomes the starting line and at 5am my eyes open and I’m ready to crush it. The beginning of the week is where I go to run, so with each week the pace gets quicker. I can iterate an idea faster, gain new clients, push my body harder and then jump to put an idea out into the world to gauge the response. When you work for yourself and maybe not everyone is this way, but Monday is a magical beast built to serve you, to become that story which you tell about how you got to the mountain top you’re standing upon today. I completely love working harder or smarter depending upon the task, so this new day means I get to excel, risk, dare, and achieve new heights. No one is going to stop me because I’m tenacious, driven and my ambition is huge. It’s not if I’m going to reach these huge goals I’ve set for myself it’s only a matter of when. I have to tell you today with the sunrise hitting my face seeing the limitless energy of the sun I’m already running, so today is the day I jump and then fly.

The Strength of Will

The way forward after having reached, stretched, pushed and sacrificed is always one where you must keep that effort going because if you’re close enough to feel the goal attained you need to grab it. Friday is one of the days when many people relax and by the end of today I’m sure that I’ll relax too, but before the end of the day I’m going to reach new levels outside my comfort zone. Being able to do the things that make you uncomfortable is the most important part of the road to your dreams. When you’re able to be uncomfortable you’re able to grow. The focus is to be able to have all your dreams come true and when you’re close to your dreams the tendency might be to relent a little. Relenting today is a mistake as we need to keep pushing even harder because until you have that goal attained you’re not going to be able to get to the next one. Each day I’m learning new skills which help propel me into the goal after the previous goal, so I can help people, have my dreams and reach new heights. I think about where I was a year ago I laugh a little, but not that laughter you feel when you watch a comedy. The laugh I feel is more nervous for I was in a place where I could only hope to be where I am today. Each day now I’m in such a better place, but when I add those steps from where I’ve been I smile even broader because of where I am going. A smile that isn’t nervous, but one of conquering stupid mistakes, although I’m pretty sure I’ll make more mistakes they’ll just be the ones where you try something new, fail and then succeed. The rush of seeing where you’re going should be so exciting you feel compelled to achieve and if not make your vision greater or dare to live more fully. If you’re bitter let it go and if you cannot let it go remember how short this life is as you keep striving towards your time to fly.

To Be Heavy on Execution

Having the goal is great place to start otherwise any road will take you to where you don’t want to go, but you must look around to make sure you’re on the right path and the path is taking you someplace wonderful. A lot of people will tell you if you’re doing what you love you’re going to be successful, but you’ll also need to eat and pay bills.  If you love sitting down alone with a bag of chips I doubt that you’re going to be able to buy a second bag of chips if sitting, there alone is your day.  Even when you try to change someone’s life it’s really not about just showing them a couple of steps to take because not only do they need to take the steps, but that person also has to believe in the why.  Someone could have the goals and they could have the why, but if consistent action isn’t taken you just have some goals that you really want.  You must be very engaged in the execution of your goals to get to that place that your goal provided.  Being heavy on the execution of the steps to your goal, to feel the why you’re doing what you’re doing provides the magic for the events to line up to give us what we want.  You can achieve the most wonderful things in life when you act and as you apply discipline to your actions the world just seems to open.

Do You Control Your Day

What does your day look like? Do you wake up feeling passion with the idea of doing exactly what you want? Do you have a plan to get there if you’re not doing what your passion is about?  Today when I woke up it was the idea of scheduling exactly what I want in the day and it was inspired by a video blogger I watched last night before I went to sleep.  I’m running a little behind schedule, but I’m on track to have a magical day.  I have very clear goals today and I went out of my comfort zone yesterday.  Each day takes me a little further out of my comfort zone which has been lost for the last year, but now I’m really starting to push myself.  I’m finding these amazing opportunities and I must run without fear, because the fear only slows us down from the mistake to push past bringing you into the success that waits beyond that mistake.  Life is so much fun to live this way as I want.  Have an incredible day and make sure you push past your fear.

Personalized Power Message

Tuesday is that day when you’ve got the Monday behind you and you know where you’re going, need to achieve, obstacles to overcome. We at times tend to use the obstacles as an excuse to slow down but, the obstacle is the fuel to make your path more exciting. The goal you want to achieve is this beautiful gold ring, but if you could just walk up to the table and grab it would that goal still be so attractive? When you have a really ambitious goal it’s not going to fall out of the sky into your lap and you can’t freeze up in fear.  This morning when I started to write this piece I was in a completely different place, but since then I’ve been able to harness a fire inside of me which is so much more productive.  Having the ability to have great passion about things, knowing that I must make my goals happen and using the same force of will that it takes to bend life to my will is amazing.  Moving towards my dreams, the things that I want to achieve and the few items I really desire is so full of pleasure.  I wish everyone could tap into that part of themselves and soon I’ll be able to help more people with the first step of that journey.  This afternoon I’ll launch a test market service to allow people who have trouble getting their morning going to subscribe or try a personalized message to access their will power whenever they need it in a day.  The message will be offered at $5.89 and can either be accessed as an MP3 or a phone message.  We’ll see how that works out.  I hope you have an incredible day and please let me know if you’d like to subscribe for a Personalized Power Message to help you get out of a rut or move you to success.